Policy, Research & Outreach.


Ara-PRO is the research wing of the organization. Ara believes that legislative change is lasting change. The Initiative was introduced with the primary objective of undertaking studies in the area of forced migration law and policy. 

More recently, we have also conducted seminars and presentations in prominent law schools and government agencies to disseminate information on the subject. We also engage in advocacy with UNHCR to reinforce its processes and strengthen our collaborative efforts. In the long run, we hope to expand our focus to cover developments in the larger South Asian region.



  • Assisted in the drafting of a domestic asylum bill , which was the first such bill to be introduced in Parliament on December 18, 2015. 
  • Prepared a report in collaboration with UNHCR India,  titled "Refugee Protection in India: Access to Economic and Social Rights", a compendium of the Indian Government's various socio-economic welfare schemes that refugees may access. The report is available at   

  • Provided legal briefs to UNHCR's SGBV Working Group on the application of domestic laws in SGBV and child protection cases
  • Conducted research on the history and development of India's refugee law and policy  


  • Conducted refugee law seminars / workshops in top law schools such as the National Law School of India University, Bengaluru and National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata 
  • Made a presentation about Ara's work and India's current asylum policies before the National Human Rights Commission of India  
  • Active member of the Working Groups on Legal Aid and Women And Girls At Risk of APRRN, an international network of over 200 NGOs and individuals from 26 countries

  • Lessons from Europe's Shores, Hamsa Vijayaraghavan and Roshni Shanker, published in the Indian Express (Op-ed), September 9, 2015. (Read)
  • Once again, fear of the unknown sets off search for safe havens, Sahana Basavatpatna and Roshni Shanker, published in The Hindu (Op-ed), June 21, 2013. (Read) 
  • The Asylum Debate, Roshni Shanker and Vasudha Reddy, published in Oulook India (web edition), July 04, 2013. (Read)
  • Snowden Case: Why Experts & Activists Disagree with the Govt's Decision to Deny Asylum, published in Economic Times, July 7, 2013. (Read)
  • Safe no More?, Roshni Shanker and Parakram Kakkar, published in Outlook India, January 17, 2014. (Read)